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gofundme – Bundesverfassungsgericht und EGMR – Neue Hoffnung

Crowdfunding Kampagne auf gofundme für Nina Fuchs´Kampf

Dear people,

Many of you already know my story that began on April 18, 2013 and has changed my whole life. That night I was raped after someone spiked my drink. Two years ago, in May 2018, the alleged perpetrator was found in the police database based on DNA traces from his sperm. Nevertheless, the prosecution dropped my case, and neither the complaint filed by my lawyer nor a very successful online petition and a lot of media attention could change that. A couple of weeks ago, at the end of May, even the Higher Regional Court rejected my enforcement proceedings and confirmed the decision of the prosecution once again…

For more please read on gofundme website:

gofundme (13.07.2020): Bundesverfassungsgericht und EGMR – Neue Hoffnung URL: [08.09.2020]

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